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Factors To Consider When You Are Hiring A Pr Agency In Sydney

Factors To Consider When You Are Hiring A Pr Agency In Sydney

Regardless if your business is already established or a brand new start-up, the benefits that…

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Finding An Accounting Internship

Finding An Accounting Internship

If there’s one thing your family and professional connections like to point out is that…

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How To Find Flower Girl Dresses That Will Impress The Tomboy Of The Family

How To Find Flower Girl Dresses That Will Impress The Tomboy Of The Family

In this day and age, there are more and more parents out there who are…

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Factors To Consider When You Are Hiring A Pr Agency In Sydney

Factors To Consider When You Are Hiring A Pr Agency In Sydney

Regardless if your business is already established or a brand new start-up, the benefits that a PR agency in Sydney can offer you are endless. There’s always a point in a business’ life cycle that they realize that they need  external help to push them to the next level. While they are beneficial there are hundreds of firms and businesses out there that want to help you. This can be both a merit and a drawback.

The advantage is that you won’t be locked into choosing the only PR agency in Sydney that you find while on the other hand there are so many options it can be overwhelming when you are making your decision. Below are some factors that you should consider when you are making your final decision.


Good reputation

With so many different options available at your fingertips, you shouldn’t settle for a PR agency in Sydney that has a bad reputation. A brand’s image is one of the most important things about it as people will always associate that with you and your products or services. Additionally if you were with  company that has a bad name you may find that others will start to assume the same about you regardless if you had participated in their own scandal or not.

You should eliminate companies that are way too inexperienced, have a bad reputation or seem like they only want your business to make money off you.


Tailored service

A good PR agency in Sydney won’t use a one strategy fits all kind of deal. Businesses are different and require a more tailored service in order for them to succeed. Do they have any references as to what works for companies similar to yours in the position you are in? You should be looking for these sorts of things before you go into business with them.


Industry expertise

Another important factor you need to consider is what the experience and expertise of the company is like. You should be looking through their own website and social media channels to see if they are putting out their own stuff rather than piggy backing off the ideas of others. Be sure you’re not going into a yes man sort of business where they will just agree with everything you have to say and not have any of their own input.


Collaboration mindset

A sign of a truly great PR agency in Sydney is their ability to work with others and create a sense of unity and synergy amongst the different sectors. It is common for these sorts of businesses to work with other sectors such as marketing and design. From that you want to be sure that the PR agency in Sydney that you choose will be able to work well with others and take on board their own opinions and ideas.

An experience that benefits from the true sense of unity will allow you to gain benefits tenfold of just strictly public relations.


Their connections

When you work with a good business you will have access to their connections. A truly good PR agency in Sydney will have a wide array of connections that spans from journalists to other public relations companies. When they have an extensive and comprehensive network you will be able to reap the rewards of all of these companies in conjunction to working with them.

You should aim to find businesses with broad networks as there are many on the market that do. If you find that their network is limited you can definitely do better.


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Finding An Accounting Internship

Finding An Accounting Internship

If there’s one thing your family and professional connections like to point out is that you need an accounting internship before you can make it in the industry. While it may sound a bit over exaggerated the importance of these programs, they are highly valuable none the less. When there’s thousands of graduates all with degrees and good grades, the factor that sets them apart is if they have had workplace experience already.

Coming straight out of university and into the working world can be very daunting especially with how important these programs are. Luckily we have scoured the internet and spoken with industry experts to bring you a short guide on finding accounting internships.


Start looking early

A common mistake that a lot of new grads make is that they start searching for an accounting internship after they have graduated. Ideally you should be undergoing the program in your final year or semester. This will give you the experience to go straight from studying into a role. Additionally it can take several months for you to get into a program so it is highly important that you start searching as soon as possible.

Sending out a lot of applications before your final semester will set you up for the best chance of finding one and being accepted before you graduate.


Know where to look

When it comes to finding an accounting internship you will find that the following places usually host the positions;

  • Not for profit organisations
  • Government offices
  • Industry firms
  • Local firms
  • Major firms

In an ideal world, you should be applying at the firm, organisation or industry that you would like to work at or that is closely aligned with what specialty you want to get into. Companies look favourably upon those that have done an accounting internship with them as they know their processes and won’t have to invest any more resources into your training period.

You should also keep in mind that a perfect world would allow you to get paid for your time but it is important to note that may not always be the case. Due to how competitive the programs are you will find that a lot don’t offer any pay which means you should definitely brush up on your professional etiquette.


Professional etiquette

No matter where you want to work you need to ensure that your professional etiquette is up to scratch to impress your potential employer before you have stepped through the door. Below we are going to discuss some of the skills that you should aim to refine when looking for an accounting internship.

Resume and cover letter writing

Your resume and cover letter is your first impression to the company before you even meet them. With that in mind it is important that you are presenting yourself in the best way possible so be sure to refine your ability to write a resume and cover letter. Easy to read formats that are also aesthetically pleasing will always do better than their counterparts.

Interview questions

Don’t go into an interview for an accounting internship and expect to get it if you are winging it. You should be brushing up on the common questions asked as well as doing a mock interview.


Optimizing your LinkedIn profile and networking with individuals in the industry is an easy and effective way to look professional. Try to meet with people at job and career events and ask them what it takes to work there. These individuals are very helpful and are eager to offer advice about getting into the industry.

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How To Find Flower Girl Dresses That Will Impress The Tomboy Of The Family

How To Find Flower Girl Dresses That Will Impress The Tomboy Of The Family

In this day and age, there are more and more parents out there who are embracing their child’s interests and personalities. Rather than forcing a certain gender down their throats (as well as all of the clothing and pastimes that go along with that gender), they are letting them be their own person and follow their own passions. As this is the case, there are more and more parents who are embracing the tomboys in their family.

While the term tomboy may have a negative connotation for some, all it really means is that the young lady of the household may not be interested in traditional young lady things. For instance, they may rather play outside and get dirty than play inside with their dolls. They may enjoy traditionally male sports and they may enjoy spending the majority of their time with boys.

This can also sometimes mean that the young lady of the house would rather wear pants and shorts rather than a skirt or a dress. There is, of course, absolutely nothing wrong with this until it comes to attending special occasions. For instance, it can be difficult to find flower girl dresses that the tomboy of the family will feel comfortable in which is why this article will explore this topic further.


Parents should see what they have to work with when finding flower girl dresses for a tomboy

For those who aren’t having a traditional wedding, there may be a little leeway when it comes to choosing form flower girl dresses. For instance, a different colour may be able to be chosen rather than pink, cream, or white. In some instances, the couple at-hand may even be okay with the little one wearing pants.

In the scenarios where there isn’t much leeway, parents can instead help their little one look for options that don’t have too many frills or that are super comfortable. It can sometimes even be a good idea to suggest wearing bike shorts underneath so that the young one still feels comfortable even if they don’t usually enjoy wearing such a thing. Finally, the best thing that parents can do is explain that the day is about the couple at hand and it is important to make some small sacrifices for them as it is a special occasion.


Parents can get inspiration for different flower girl dresses by searching online

A great place for parents to get inspiration for their little one is by searching online. For instance, parents can jump on Pinterest and can create a board of ideas. They can then show that board to their little one to see which ones they may enjoy wearing. The great thing about doing this is that people will often be able to click on the image and will then be directed to a store that sells that item.

Pinterest also now has a search options which allows users to click on a photo and will then be shown results that are similar to that photo. This means that even if one particular image isn’t linked to an online store; people can find similar options that will be linked. On top of all of this, the process can be fun which may help with encouraging the little one to look forward to the event as well as to searching for flower girl dresses.

With a little bit of gentle praise and encouragement parents are able to help their little one enjoy the big day even when they are a tomboy.


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Online Printing, A Thing Of The Past

Online Printing, A Thing Of The Past

If there is one thing that is certain on this planet it is that online printing is a thing of the past. In a world where there are numerous crooked presidents ruling the roost across several different continents, where climate change is a much debated topic, one that a percentage of the world’s population doesn’t even think exists, where there is still debate over women’s rights in some countries and where gun control is a hot topic up for just as much discussion in courts across the world, it is at least agreed that this technology is archaic, something so backwards, that even the most backwards of backwards dictators realizes as such. He/she may not allow basic freedoms to citizens living in the country, basic everyday needs may not be met for the country’s citizens and most may live below the poverty line but at least they know not to use online printing, not that they have access to it.

There are several things wrong with it. Firstly, the time wasted. We have all been there when we have booked tickets, be they for a flight, a train, a concert or another event. We have spent the time painstakingly inputting all our personal details, then our payment details and finally we click confirm. Hoping that the ticket will be emailed or texted to your phone, you then see the instructions appear on screen on how to complete online printing. Your computer is slow enough as it is without having to click on this link for a PDF to pop up. Only for it to download then pop up once more in your browser. You reach the screen with the blue print button and wait for the printer, last used in 2016, to whir into action. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, there is radio silence as an error message appears asking you to reload your dated machine with paper. You duly due so, after running to buy some paper that is. The printer restarts once again but no luck, your attempt at online printing is going terribly. You end up seeking out the local convenience store to see if they can help print two pieces of paper you need to get into the event. After all this, trying your hand at online printing has wasted both time and paper, which leads very nicely into the next point.


The damage online printing does to the environment of this beautiful planet of ours is not justifiable. Whether it be tickets for a gig or a hotel reservation, the time spent using the paper adds up to a total of 30 seconds, while the event staff or reception check that it is you and not some imposter trying to gain an advantage in life. How can this be worth the hundreds or thousands of trees that are felled worldwide? If it’s possible to book these services on the internet, why isn’t it possible to use these services without using online printing?

Many companies the world over offer you the chance to hold your boarding pass on your phone or to scan into an event using an SMS sent to you beforehand but there are still those that live in the dark ages and force you print off your purchase. Online printing is a practice that belongs in 90’s and won’t be known in the next 30 years but while there are still companies that force you to turn on your printer and hope against hope that what you want comes out, there will still be trees cut down and time wasted completely this God forsaken task.

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