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Steps to Writing Your Engagement Party Invitations

Steps to Writing Your Engagement Party Invitations

It is a wonderful time for any couple to announce to their friends, family and…

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Great Situations To Use A 24 Hour Doctor

Great Situations To Use A 24 Hour Doctor

24 hour doctor services are just beginning to gain traction in Australia, the rise of…

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Ways a Tax Accountant in North Sydney Can Help Increase Your Wealth

Ways a Tax Accountant in North Sydney Can Help Increase Your Wealth

A tax accountant in North Sydney specializes in dealing with financial, business and levy-related matters.…

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Steps to Writing Your Engagement Party Invitations

Steps to Writing Your Engagement Party Invitations

It is a wonderful time for any couple to announce to their friends, family and loved ones that they have tied the knot and have become engaged to be married.

During this celebration of joy, there are different ways and means of broadcasting this information to those you want to notify.

In 2019 there are obvious social media channels that couples can announce the details to including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to email, text message and more.

Yet the traditional method of sending personalized engagement party invitations remains strong, allowing recipients to have a treasured item to keep for years to come.

If this is the path you decide to take as husband and wife, husband and husband or wife and wife, then you will want to follow through on some important etiquette tips as well as offering your own character and personality to the invitations.

Let us outline how you can write up the perfect card for your colleague, brothers, sisters, parents and close personal friendship groups.


Warm Introductory Announcement

The opening lines of engagement party invitations operate as the space to announce to the recipient that you are engaged. Make this a warm introduction to state how pleased you are, what emotions are felt and how you are delighted to welcome those close to you to attend the event. Remember this is not a wedding invite, so it does not have to be overtly formal or grandiose.


Personal Message

As a couple you are not handing out engagement party invitations to any old acquaintance. This will be offered to someone you love, respect and care about in your life. In that respect, it is important that you communicate that to the individual or couple you want to attend to the event. Perhaps an inside joke or an anecdote about a shared experience will really drive home how you feel about them, outlining that they have been pivotal in your development and their friendship or kinship has been valued on your journey to marriage.

engagement ring


Clear Logistical Details

When you boil down to brass tax, engagement party invitations need to specify a few key details: where the event will be held, the date and time that the festivities begin and who is listed as host. The final detail there is important because it will inform guests about their etiquette and whether or not they need to make special arrangements. If it is at a neutral venue such as a pub or club, they will need to organize transport and accommodation. If it is held at your home, there could be guests who assume they can use your location to stay overnight. Mark with clarity what you expect in this scenario.


Steps to RSVP

Set an RSVP date and instructions about how to reserve their place on the engagement party invitations. Write down a phone number or email address as a means of contact. If you have a youthful group dynamic, offer social media means for those recipients to RSVP.


Clear Markings on Envelope

In 2019 there can be one slight downside of sending out physical engagement party invitations. In today’s climate, there are individuals who do not regularly check mail and if they receive it, they can discard it amongst the bills. Have clear markings and details about the event on the envelope to ensure they see the item and respond in due course.



Engagement party invitations are by no means an exact science. So long as you have the logistical details and RSVP information correctly listed, then you essentially have a blank canvas to work from. Take a look at different templates and examples online and look back on cards you have received as a recipient to take inspiration. Then forge ahead with your own concept.


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Great Situations To Use A 24 Hour Doctor

Great Situations To Use A 24 Hour Doctor

24 hour doctor services are just beginning to gain traction in Australia, the rise of video streaming services and high speed internet mean that online solutions are becoming more and more viable for every day services.

We’ve collated a list below of some of the best situations to use 24 hour doctor websites, read on to find out more.


You just need a prescription

Getting a prescription refill or requesting a new prescription is one of the most common reasons that people visit their local clinic.

It is estimated that up to 80% of clinic visits could be managed outside of the hospital and clinic. With an increasingly overburdened public health system and the time and cost involved for patients to attend in-person appointments it seems to make sense that prescriptions are one of the key areas that the system could be improved.

Online services can help to alleviate the pressure on in-person clinics, freeing up time for them to focus on the patients that really need them and can simplify the lives of patients.

Most online services offer pharmacy services so that patients can order prescriptions directly after their online appointments, saving patients time and the expense of driving to and from appointments.


You’re short on time

Attending an in-person clinic usually involves a wait-time when making the appointment, time spent driving to the clinic, sitting in the waiting room and time taken of work.

For many people the inconvenience of seeing a 24 hour doctor can mean that they miss out on the healthcare that they need as they just can’t justify the time off work. For those who want to resolve a simple problem, such as requesting a sick note, it’s just not worth the effort and may contribute to them attending work when they are ill.

Online 24 hour doctors allow patients to access healthcare professionals when they need them, with services usually available 24/7, patients are able to fit appointments into their schedule. This is an excellent service for those wanting to fit an appointment into their lunch break, or who aren’t feeling up to leaving the house.


It’s embarrassing

One of the best uses for a 24 hour doctor services is for managing appointments that are potentially too embarrassing to deal with in person. Many 24 hour doctor services can help with diagnosing STD’s or other conditions. For some patients, having the appointment in the comfort of their own environment over the internet can alleviate some of the anxiety or embarrassment associated with their medical condition.

Whilst there is never anything to be ashamed of when talking to medical health professionals, sometimes it is nice for patients to have the appointment be on their own terms.


You want to speak to a mental health professional

The catch-22 of many mental health conditions is that they could be helped or alleviated with the care of a medical professional, but the symptoms of many mental illnesses make it difficult for patients to leave the house or speak to a healthcare professional.

The deep shame, sadness and anxiety that go hand-in-hand with some mental health conditions make it very difficult for patients to access the help that they need.

It can also be extremely difficult to get an appointment with a mental health professional; the demand for these services often outweighs the supply of services in the public health system.

24 hour doctor services will potentially be revolutionary in providing access to health care and mental healthcare to patients.

For patients seeking mental healthcare, this is a fantastic solution as it gives them ease of access to psychiatrists and psychologists and allows them to stay in their own environment.


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Ways a Tax Accountant in North Sydney Can Help Increase Your Wealth

Ways a Tax Accountant in North Sydney Can Help Increase Your Wealth

A tax accountant in North Sydney specializes in dealing with financial, business and levy-related matters. They are able to provide individuals and businesses with a range of services in order to help them achieve their financial goals.

Read on to find out more about the most common services of a tax accountant in North Sydney can provide to help businesses boost their wealth.


Financial and business analysis

The development of periodic management reports is a great way to help businesses make informed decisions about their performance and future goals. Each business is unique and as a result, a tax accountant in North Sydney will develop a custom-made and appropriate reporting package to suit each client. This may include:

  • Revenue driver report
  • Budgeted vs. actual result analysis
  • Liquidity and gearing ratios
  • Cash flow assessment
  • Debtors and lockup assessment.

Such a report is a good way of tightening up a business’ loose ends and maximising their profitability.


Financial review and goal setting

piles of coins

Creating goals and regularly reviewing them is a strong indicator of a business’ success in the market. Indeed, studies have shown there to be a strong correlation between financial success and effective goal setting. The process of developing goals must include recognition of the conditions and limitations which competition and other aspects puts onto one’s business. Some examples of goals a business may set with the help of a tax accountant in North Sydney include:

  • Establishing and sustaining a conservative debt policy
  • Diversification and growth plans for new markets
  • Sustaining product or service’s market position
  • Hiring and keeping quality staff
  • Having a stable revenue stream and good investment returns.


Proactive levy planning

A tax accountant in North Sydney will engage in a proactive approach to levy planning as part of an end of year review. They will come up with strategies for minimizing the levies that a business pays each year whilst reviewing and staying up-to-date with their financial state. Cash flow will be maximised by postponing levy payment until the latest possible date. They will organise payments via the ATO or refer the business to another suitable service provider who can help with any short-term needs.


Business cost review

Figuring out ways to save costs is a simple and efficient way of boosting a business’ cash flow, limiting expenses and raising their bottom line. The most successful cost reduction depends on a business’ skill at identifying necessary savings and then implementing cost-saving strategies for improvement in the long-run. A tax accountant in North Sydney will use these steps to conduct a cost review:

  1. Locate and minimise inessential costs
  2. Locate essential costs and arrange a review process for cost-effectiveness
  3. Assess all costs and terms from suppliers and determine strategic acquirement and arrange for a better price and terms
  4. Put systems and strategies in place to maintain reduced costs.


Monitoring key drivers of profitability

Recognizing and maintaining the essential business drivers needed for profitability is a crucial part of a business’ success. There are a myriad of internal and external factors which affect a business’ performance – the aim is to focus on a few key drivers which matter most. These may include revenue, sales, website traffic and/or marketing spending.


KPI reporting

A tax accountant in North Sydney can also assist businesses in the development, measurement and reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) – factors that give businesses an advantage in the market. KPIs may be financial or non-financial, and can help a business reach their goals. A business can choose the KPIs that are most related to the success of their business.

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Situations That Call For Rubbish Removal In Sydney

Situations That Call For Rubbish Removal In Sydney

There are many situations that you may encounter in your life that will call for rubbish removal in Sydney. By opting to get a professional to take care of the task for you allows you to save both time and money. These companies and professionals have the industry experience to know how to get rid of your junk quickly and at a cost effective price. They normally will unload their collected junk in bulk which saves them money and they can pass those savings onto you. This can be very beneficial as it can cost around $100 just to get rid of a few house hold items at your local tip.

Below is a list of situations that would be perfect for rubbish removal in Sydney to come by and help you out.


Moving house

You would be surprised how much useless junk you can accumulate at your home. The worst part is that it lays dormant until you decide to move which by that point it is so overwhelming that you don’t have the physical or mental capacity to deal with all that garbage. Instead of spending days driving back and forth to the local tip, call a local rubbish removal company in Sydney to do the hard work for you. If you have multiple car loads worth of junk you may find that these companies will actually save you money.

Saving time and money while you are moving in one of the most expensive cities in the world is a big plus in anyone’s book. Calling multiple companies for a quote will also give you an accurate sense of what the service costs. This can be used to negotiate with the companies to get you a good price.


Moving offices

Workplace offices are notorious for collecting mountains of junk at the best of times let alone when you decide to move offices. Instead of getting your employees to come in on their days off or paying them overtime, opt to go with rubbish removal in Sydney instead. This will save you money for the disposal of the junk as well as not having to pay overtime for your employees. Rubbish removal companies in Sydney have the experience in dealing with office place junk and know the best approach to get rid of it efficiently.

Some items may need to be recycled or disposed of properly. Opting to go with a professional company ensures that everything is disposed of safely and properly so you don’t have to pay anything extra.


Construction sites

construction waste

Demolition or construction sites are common situations where it is very appropriate to seek rubbish removal in Sydney. These sites have literally tonnes of junk that needs to be disposed of in the proper manner. Sites call for their workers to clean up the mess themselves generally run into the overtime period of the working day which can blow out budgets. Getting a professional company to take care of it for you can be quoted in the initial price to ensure that there are no hidden costs that appear during the project.

These companies also have the experience to get rid of everything from these sites very quickly so that everyone can get home as quickly as possible. This will make your workers, your client and yourself very happy as you don’t have to stay late and you can be sure that everything will be done in a professional manner.

So the next time you find yourself in one of these situations be sure to consider rubbish removal in Sydney. These companies have the industry experience and expertise to ensure that everything runs smoothly at an affordable cost.

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