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Great Situations To Use A 24 Hour Doctor

24 hour doctor services are just beginning to gain traction in Australia, the rise of video streaming services and high speed internet mean that online solutions are becoming more and more viable for every day services.

We’ve collated a list below of some of the best situations to use 24 hour doctor websites, read on to find out more.


You just need a prescription

Getting a prescription refill or requesting a new prescription is one of the most common reasons that people visit their local clinic.

It is estimated that up to 80% of clinic visits could be managed outside of the hospital and clinic. With an increasingly overburdened public health system and the time and cost involved for patients to attend in-person appointments it seems to make sense that prescriptions are one of the key areas that the system could be improved.

Online services can help to alleviate the pressure on in-person clinics, freeing up time for them to focus on the patients that really need them and can simplify the lives of patients.

Most online services offer pharmacy services so that patients can order prescriptions directly after their online appointments, saving patients time and the expense of driving to and from appointments.


You’re short on time

Attending an in-person clinic usually involves a wait-time when making the appointment, time spent driving to the clinic, sitting in the waiting room and time taken of work.

For many people the inconvenience of seeing a 24 hour doctor can mean that they miss out on the healthcare that they need as they just can’t justify the time off work. For those who want to resolve a simple problem, such as requesting a sick note, it’s just not worth the effort and may contribute to them attending work when they are ill.

Online 24 hour doctors allow patients to access healthcare professionals when they need them, with services usually available 24/7, patients are able to fit appointments into their schedule. This is an excellent service for those wanting to fit an appointment into their lunch break, or who aren’t feeling up to leaving the house.


It’s embarrassing

One of the best uses for a 24 hour doctor services is for managing appointments that are potentially too embarrassing to deal with in person. Many 24 hour doctor services can help with diagnosing STD’s or other conditions. For some patients, having the appointment in the comfort of their own environment over the internet can alleviate some of the anxiety or embarrassment associated with their medical condition.

Whilst there is never anything to be ashamed of when talking to medical health professionals, sometimes it is nice for patients to have the appointment be on their own terms.


You want to speak to a mental health professional

The catch-22 of many mental health conditions is that they could be helped or alleviated with the care of a medical professional, but the symptoms of many mental illnesses make it difficult for patients to leave the house or speak to a healthcare professional.

The deep shame, sadness and anxiety that go hand-in-hand with some mental health conditions make it very difficult for patients to access the help that they need.

It can also be extremely difficult to get an appointment with a mental health professional; the demand for these services often outweighs the supply of services in the public health system.

24 hour doctor services will potentially be revolutionary in providing access to health care and mental healthcare to patients.

For patients seeking mental healthcare, this is a fantastic solution as it gives them ease of access to psychiatrists and psychologists and allows them to stay in their own environment.


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