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Interesting Facts About Dentistry And Dental Clinics

Something everyone is taught is the importance of looking after their teeth; as most parents tell their children “you only get one set of adult teeth”. This is why people regularly visit a dental clinic such as Hawkesbury Family Dental. The professionals that work in these practices are able to fix any complaints you may have with your teeth and advise you on how best to take care of them.

However, there is a lot that you probably don’t know about dental clinics like Hawkesbury Family Dental. Keep reading to find out some interesting facts about dentistry and dental clinics.

Fact 1:

Many people in today’s society opt to visit Hawkesbury Family Dental to improve the look of their teeth. In today’s world, the aim is to have a Hollywood smile, with white, straight teeth. What you may not know is that most civilizations in the world, including ancient ones practiced some form of teeth modification.

Although we now put an emphasis on big, healthy looking teeth, other civilizations had their own ideas about how teeth should look. Interestingly, in ancient Mayan culture, the main orthodontic practice was to implant jewels into the teeth. It has also been found that western Micronesia used to slice grooves into their teeth.

Fact 2:


The development of science and research undertaken by numerous experts over the decades has given us a good understanding of our teeth. This allows dental clinics to treat almost any complaint. However, it is important to remember that this was not always the case.

to treat almost any complaint. However, it is important to remember that this was not always the case.

Before numerous scientific and medical developments, people had to make educated guesses based on what they could see. Aristotle made statements about teeth. As bizarre as it may sound, the philosopher did get things wrong and one of which was the belief that men and women had a different number of teeth.

Aristotle also made many true statements about teeth, including the comment that “teeth have one invariable office, namely the reduction of food.”

Fact 3:

The tooth fairy is almost as iconic as the Easter bunny or Santa Claus. The myth of the tooth fairy indicates that when a child looses a milk tooth, they should put it under their pillow for it to be taken away and replaced by money.

While the tooth fairy is something known by all children in the western world, the origins are not widely known. However, reports have indicated that the practice of replacing a tooth with a coin was prominent in the 1800’s.

One of the earliest sources that link fairies to teeth is a poem that was written in the 1600’s which is known as “Oberon’s Palace”. The poem describes a cavern that contains various objects from the human world which were “brought hither by the elves” one of the items mentioned in the literary work are “children’s teeth late shed”.

Fact 4:

For most people, the thought of one of their teeth falling out is terrifying. Luckily for us, modern medicine is an incredible thing. What you may not be aware of is that dental clinics like Hawkesbury Family Dental are actually able to re-implant teeth that have just fallen out.

In order for this to be successful, there are a few conditions that a dental clinic adhere to. The first thing to note is that the tooth must be put back into the mouth within an hour of falling out, if this is not possible, the tooth should be kept in either a glass of milk or the patients own saliva. Another thing you should remember is that the tooth should never be handled by its roots.

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