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Need a Tree Removed? Here’s How an Arborist in Sydney Inner West Can Help

Having a tree removed from your property is no easy task. This is because of the intense level of documentation and council approval required before the task can go ahead. Indeed, when you’re lodging an appeal with your council to have a tree removed, then it is quite likely that you will need a report from a certified arborist in the Sydney Inner West to ensure that your challenge is approved by the council. So, if you’re ever thinking of having a tree removed from your property or a simple assessment of your property’s vegetation, then be sure to check out the following guide.


What does a tree doctor actually do?

It’s not exactly a common phrase that pops up in regular conversation, however, if you have ever sought council approval to have a tree removed, monitored or changed on your property then you’ve probably spoken to a tree doctor before. In fact, a certified arborist in the Sydney Inner West fulfill a variety of jobs, which focus on maintaining the health and safety of the natural environment, particularly trees.

While a tree surgeon is not directly involved in the removal of a tree (they do not generally offer tree removal services), their role is key to the assessment phase. They are responsible for safety audits, root investigations, relevant reports and can even be expert witnesses in form council hearings.



If you want to have a tree removed from your property, possibly because you feel it is dangerous, then you’ll need a report from an arborist in the Sydney Inner West. In this report, a tree doctor will outline several key points. They will discuss things like the age and type of the tree, along with any conditions it may have. Indeed, trees can actually get ‘sick’, much like humans. They are living and breathable things, so the environment can affect their quality of life. Any diseases of defects that have infected a tree will be included in the report. After weighing up all the factors, your local arborist in the Sydney Inner West will make a final recommendation as to whether the tree should be removed and whether this can occur safely.

tree removal


Safety audit

If you have young children living at home, then you want that environment to be as safe as possible. One way of ensuring your home is safe is by hiring an arborist in the Sydney Inner West to perform a safety audit of your backyard. You don’t want any unstable trees or foliage that could become disrupted and fall onto your home, particularly during thunderstorms or really poor weather conditions.


Expert witness

It might seem strange, by your local arborist in the Sydney Inner West can actually act as an expert witness in relevant council proceedings. Most cases are settled outside of a formal court setting, however, some tree disputes can carry on for months. In this scenario, you can hire a tree doctor to testify as your expert witness. This can be very influential in the courtroom.


Root investigations


The root network of trees can be incredibly disruptive, particularly if you are trying to build something on the land. It could be anything from a home, a storage unit, a garage or a driveway. Either way, the roots of the trees could be a massive hindrance to any construction work. In this case, a certified arborist in the Sydney Inner West can perform what is known as a root investigation. During this process, they ascertain and pinpoint where the tree roots are exactly. From this, they create a detailed map that guides any development and digging work, so as to minimize harm to the environment.



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