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Online Printing, A Thing Of The Past

If there is one thing that is certain on this planet it is that online printing is a thing of the past. In a world where there are numerous crooked presidents ruling the roost across several different continents, where climate change is a much debated topic, one that a percentage of the world’s population doesn’t even think exists, where there is still debate over women’s rights in some countries and where gun control is a hot topic up for just as much discussion in courts across the world, it is at least agreed that this technology is archaic, something so backwards, that even the most backwards of backwards dictators realizes as such. He/she may not allow basic freedoms to citizens living in the country, basic everyday needs may not be met for the country’s citizens and most may live below the poverty line but at least they know not to use online printing, not that they have access to it.


There are several things wrong with it. Firstly, the time wasted. We have all been there when we have booked tickets, be they for a flight, a train, a concert or another event. We have spent the time painstakingly inputting all our personal details, then our payment details and finally we click confirm. Hoping that the ticket will be emailed or texted to your phone, you then see the instructions appear on screen on how to complete online printing. Your computer is slow enough as it is without having to click on this link for a PDF to pop up. Only for it to download then pop up once more in your browser. You reach the screen with the blue print button and wait for the printer, last used in 2016, to whir into action. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, there is radio silence as an error message appears asking you to reload your dated machine with paper. You duly due so, after running to buy some paper that is. The printer restarts once again but no luck, your attempt at online printing is going terribly. You end up seeking out the local convenience store to see if they can help print two pieces of paper you need to get into the event. After all this, trying your hand at online printing has wasted both time and paper, which leads very nicely into the next point.



The damage online printing does to the environment of this beautiful planet of ours is not justifiable. Whether it be tickets for a gig or a hotel reservation, the time spent using the paper adds up to a total of 30 seconds, while the event staff or reception check that it is you and not some imposter trying to gain an advantage in life. How can this be worth the hundreds or thousands of trees that are felled worldwide? If it’s possible to book these services on the internet, why isn’t it possible to use these services without using online printing?


Many companies the world over offer you the chance to hold your boarding pass on your phone or to scan into an event using an SMS sent to you beforehand but there are still those that live in the dark ages and force you print off your purchase. Online printing is a practice that belongs in 90’s and won’t be known in the next 30 years but while there are still companies that force you to turn on your printer and hope against hope that what you want comes out, there will still be trees cut down and time wasted completely this God forsaken task.

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