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Reglaze Your Glasses and Keep Those Gorgeous Frames

Spectacles can be a life saver. Without them you could have blurry vision, it can give you headaches and can make your quality of life less than best. Now have you ever scratched your old lenses or accidentally dropped and cracked them? Sometimes the scratches can become unbearable.

Your beautiful, specifically chosen frames do not need to be thrown out. When you choose to¬†reglaze glasses, you save your frames from going in the trash. No more wasting money every time you replace your lenses. It’s a simple, easy method that is a very smart choice.

Frames can be quite costly, especially well-known designer brands. You pick ones out that you think will suit you well, or you may have chosen a pair on the basis of practicality. No matter the reason for your choice why would you want to have to look for a new pair if they aren’t broken, in fact, they are still basically new. No matter what kind of frames you have you are able to get them done.

You may have chosen full frames, half frames (known as semi-rimless), either top or bottom, or completely rimless, you can have yours done without any worries.

When you reglaze your glasses you can guarantee that you will receive quality service. You will receive flawless finishes. You can even get a coating on your brand new lenses, maybe to reduce glare, or to stop your lenses from smudging easily, if your lenses used to have it then all you have to do is request this at the time you place your order. Or choose a brand new coating its completely up to you.


Many lens types can be done when you reglaze your glasses. Whether they are bifocals, multi lenses, or corrective lenses for eye problems such as lazy eye, you are able to have all kinds of lenses done.

As long as you have a prescription the specialist will be able to replace your lens with the exact type that you are needing, no searching around needed from you at all.


Save up to 50% next time you need spectacles when you reglaze your glasses by reusing your original frames. This means you only have to replace your lenses. It’s simple, you get your prescription from your optometrist, fill in your personal details, your name, contact phone number, and mailing address, select whether you want a coating and wait for a quote to be sent in the mail.

From here you can send your spectacles in using the sending instructions given with your quote and sit back and wait for them to be returned to you in the mail. They couldn’t have made it any easier.



As with everything in this world, there are some stipulations when you reglaze your glasses.

1 – your frames must not be cracked or broken

2 – they must not be faded or brittle

3 – the joints need to be in good, working condition

4 – screws must not be ruined

5 – for rimless you need to ensure that the joints are not permanently fixed with a nut and bolt.


The reason for these stipulations is to ensure that your spectacles are not broken during the fitting process. All of these problems can lead to your eye wear becoming weakened and snapping easily. When you reglaze your glasses you need to take responsibility for any breakages that occur during the fitting as the company will not. this is why they tell you first.

This is your choice when sending them in, if you do not agree to this you cannot use this service, but rest assured if you specs are in good condition they will be treated with enough care that they will come back looking the same as when you sent them, but with brand new, clear lenses.

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