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Steps to Writing Your Engagement Party Invitations

It is a wonderful time for any couple to announce to their friends, family and loved ones that they have tied the knot and have become engaged to be married.

During this celebration of joy, there are different ways and means of broadcasting this information to those you want to notify.

In 2019 there are obvious social media channels that couples can announce the details to including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to email, text message and more.

Yet the traditional method of sending personalized engagement party invitations remains strong, allowing recipients to have a treasured item to keep for years to come.

If this is the path you decide to take as husband and wife, husband and husband or wife and wife, then you will want to follow through on some important etiquette tips as well as offering your own character and personality to the invitations.

Let us outline how you can write up the perfect card for your colleague, brothers, sisters, parents and close personal friendship groups.


Warm Introductory Announcement

The opening lines of engagement party invitations operate as the space to announce to the recipient that you are engaged. Make this a warm introduction to state how pleased you are, what emotions are felt and how you are delighted to welcome those close to you to attend the event. Remember this is not a wedding invite, so it does not have to be overtly formal or grandiose.


Personal Message

As a couple you are not handing out engagement party invitations to any old acquaintance. This will be offered to someone you love, respect and care about in your life. In that respect, it is important that you communicate that to the individual or couple you want to attend to the event. Perhaps an inside joke or an anecdote about a shared experience will really drive home how you feel about them, outlining that they have been pivotal in your development and their friendship or kinship has been valued on your journey to marriage.

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Clear Logistical Details

When you boil down to brass tax, engagement party invitations need to specify a few key details: where the event will be held, the date and time that the festivities begin and who is listed as host. The final detail there is important because it will inform guests about their etiquette and whether or not they need to make special arrangements. If it is at a neutral venue such as a pub or club, they will need to organize transport and accommodation. If it is held at your home, there could be guests who assume they can use your location to stay overnight. Mark with clarity what you expect in this scenario.


Steps to RSVP

Set an RSVP date and instructions about how to reserve their place on the engagement party invitations. Write down a phone number or email address as a means of contact. If you have a youthful group dynamic, offer social media means for those recipients to RSVP.


Clear Markings on Envelope

In 2019 there can be one slight downside of sending out physical engagement party invitations. In today’s climate, there are individuals who do not regularly check mail and if they receive it, they can discard it amongst the bills. Have clear markings and details about the event on the envelope to ensure they see the item and respond in due course.



Engagement party invitations are by no means an exact science. So long as you have the logistical details and RSVP information correctly listed, then you essentially have a blank canvas to work from. Take a look at different templates and examples online and look back on cards you have received as a recipient to take inspiration. Then forge ahead with your own concept.


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