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The Valuable Role of Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne

Inside the criminal justice system there are a number of different members that carry their own unique function.

From the judge that will oversee the judicial process to law enforcement bodies, probation officers and lawyers on the sides of the prosecution and defence, these are professionals who are empowered to uphold justice on every count.

The best criminal lawyers in Melbourne have their own value to this system in spite of a reputation that undermines this position.

Viewed from the outside as being greedy and cynical operators who would represent any client for the right price, these solicitors are necessary for the system to function objectively and fairly.

Due process necessitates an open and transparent hearing of the facts, a situation that can only take place with a sound defence.


Providing Private Communication Channel to Client

Every Melbourne citizen who has been charged with a crime has the right to discuss their case with criminal lawyers in the Melbourne. With the aid of attorney-client privilege, they are able to privately consult about their options and plan a line of argument that is based on fact and reasonable doubt. This private communication can only be breached by a representative if they believe someone’s life could be in danger or they are embroiled in a crime or conspiracy whilst representing their client.


Offering Direction and Guidance

Criminal lawyers in the Melbourne have the expertise and experience to walk a client through a case from each phase of the process. When charges are filed to hearing and court dates, a client is entitled to receive honest and trustworthy advice that will result in the best possible outcome. Citizens are not to know the ramifications and intricacies of the local criminal justice system, so they must rely on these professionals to break down the complexity to provide clear and coherent pathways forward.


Fact-Based Defence in Court

Criminal lawyers in the Melbourne operate as one of three key pillars of the justice system. We have the objective arbiters via a judge and jury, the prosecution and the defence. The latter will present the facts of the case striving for a guilty plea whilst the former will do likewise in the hope of a more lenient plea of not guilty. There will be occasions when a defendant opts for a guilty plea or strikes a plea deal to avoid a legal argument, and this is where the solicitor must use their best negotiating skills to secure satisfactory terms for their client.


Seeking an Outcome in the Public Interest

Criminal lawyers in the Melbourne won’t always be dueling with the prosecution in a court of law like we see on television and movie screens. In a majority of scenarios, an early plea agreement is reached where a financial or legal penalty is imposed on an individual, ensuring that the public is not burdened with a case that is paid for by the taxpayer. It is the defence who are relied upon to come to the table after consulting with their client, advising them on what scenarios are likely and guiding them towards a decision that will be helpful for all parties.


Ensuring The Burden of Proof Lies With Prosecution

Criminal lawyers in the Melbourne already arrive to their court date and consultations knowing that the burden of proof lies with the opposing counsel via the prosecution. Their position to defend their client places the pressure back onto the prosecution to have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the charges filed against the individual are valid and a punishment should be dealt. Only through a robust debate should that conclusion be reached, seeing a judge or jury weigh both sides of the debate.


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