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Things To Do While Your Partner Visits a Japanese Hair Salon

Spending an afternoon in a Japanese hair salon may seem like bliss for certain people. The idea of being pampered for three hours appeals to those who like nothing better than sitting down scrolling through their Instagram and other social network feeds. When they’re finished with them, they can take out a book and feel no pressure to do anything productive. Knowing that moving a muscle to quickly may throw their potential hairstyle into complete disarray. Nothing is worse than an angry stylist, or so I’ve been told.

So, they sit, and they wait, and they drink complimentary beverages for three hours. This may be their only time during the week to relax and so they gleefully accept it with both hands.

But what If you are the other half and you don’t want to spend 3 hours in a Japanese hair salon? what are your alternatives?


Watch a movie

Three hours spent in a Japanese hair salon seems like the equivalent of torture, sitting around waiting and watching your other half get pampered, can be too much for some. Why not go to the local cinema instead? If you’re lucky there’ll be a movie over two and a half hours long, and if you’re unlucky there’ll be one 90 minutes long which at least means you’ll probably have time to watch two. Going to the cinema and finding there is absolutely nothing you’d be bothered watching is one of the worst feelings in the world so let’s hope this doesn’t befall you when you look at the schedule. Of all the times for this to happen this may be the most inopportune.


Go to the gym

A gimmick to attract more business to a Japanese hair salon would be set up a specially designed waiting area for other halves. Fitted with a TV screen and a weight rack it would be sure to keep both parties happy. Three hours could be more than well spent pumping iron staring at a screen. The endorphins produced from the impromptu workout would make for a peaceful and happy home conversation as the intricacies of both the workout and the stylist were explained to each party, with neither listening to the other.


Go for a nap

A Japanese hair salon could be the perfect place for a nap. Most places are fitted with couches which would make the perfect resting place. Before you nod off, ask if snoring is permitted. Moreover, if you want to feel extra comfortable ask if you can put your feet up on the couch. If the business doesn’t seem like the best place for a nap, seek out a bench on the street and you’ll be refreshed in a couple of hours.


Do some shopping

A trip to a Japanese hair salon is the perfect time to fit in some shopping. Whether it be for that long-awaited party you are going to host or if it’s for some new clothes. Three hours will be more than enough time to find the food or the outfit that you are looking for. You’ll have some time left over to head back to the business and close your eyes for a short nap if you still intent on getting some shut eye.

A Japanese hair salon is heaven for some and hell for others. Fortunately, the time spent there can be put to good use by both parties so that it can be a stress-free and fun visit for either half.

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