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Unique Things About Custom Printed Helium Balloons

The next time that you decide to host or plan the event, you should consider custom printed helium balloons. These party accessories are great for all types of events and aren’t just limited to birthday parties. They can be so much more about getting a name out there or trying to convey a certain message to someone special.

If you find a good party vendor that is able to supply custom printed balloons they will be able to print any image on any colour of balloon. Balloons attract attention regardless of where they are. On the ceiling of a party or even when someone is walking down the street, they are a head turner in any setting.

Below are just some of the unique things about these party accessories that you need to be aware of!


They are cost-effective!

One of the best benefits from using custom printed helium balloons is that they are relatively cheap to help spread a positive message. Imagine having a special birthday boy or girl walking into a room that is filled with custom printed helium balloons with their name or favourite quote written all over it. If you were to hand posters it could take hours and cost you a small fortune. Thankfully party vendors can fill a room with balloons for a fraction of the cost.

They are able to save you so much money because they can save money from buying in bulk. When people order these accessories they don’t normally opt to get 1 or 2, it’s normally a whole bunch. Because of this, these businesses are able to have large inventories which save them money when they buy in bulk. When they buy in bulk they are also able to pass those savings onto you.


Perfect for brand awareness

Something that people overlook with helium inflates is that they are great at attracting people’s attention. Bright colours are a very effective tool to get someone’s attention from a distance and the event will real them in closer once they get in range. To top that all of you can choose to print brand logos on these accessories as well. Handing out your branded custom printed helium balloon to a child is free advertising as they will then proceed to carry it around for the rest of the day where people will notice the logo.

Forget billboards or radio ads, nothing gets people’s attention more than a sausage sizzle and a floating brand logo plastered all over an event area. As previously mentioned, these accessories can come in a variety of colours so you can match the colour of the custom printed helium balloons to your brand logo.


They are the perfect gift for children

a baby and three balloonsIn the paragraph above we did mention that children love to walk around with these party accessories but they are also a great gift that parents can get their children. Now I know what you’re thinking, what kind of parent gets a kid helium as a gift? Well don’t think of it as a birthday present but rather a corporate gift. Parents that attend corporate events just want to get home as quickly as they can but they can grab a custom printed helium balloon for their kids on the way out.

Regardless of the logo that is printed on it, they will just be happy that they received a gift from their parents. Additionally as mum or dad is on their way home, they offer the company free advertising as people passing by will also have their attention drawn to the logo.


Things to keep in mind when you are ordering custom printed helium balloons

When you do finally get around to the idea of getting these party accessories there are some important things that you need to consider before you make sure purchase.



Party accessories come in all shapes and sizes. If you are planning on printing out a simple logo you don’t have to go too big for the sizing. However if your logo has a lot of intricate details or event text you may want to consider up sizing so that people can read it.


Direction of the neck

The neck refers to the end that will be filled with helium. From there you want to be sure that the neck is facing down if you do intend to inflate them with helium. If you were to fill them with air and have them hanging down a neck up option would be recommended.



Colours are very important when you are choosing your logos and event themes. Be sure to provide to PMS code as soon as possible to ensure that there are no confusions or potential colour clashes once your order is fulfilled.


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