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Why Consumers Can Trust Rheem Hot Water Systems

For homeowners who are on the lookout for a reliable hot water cylinder NZ, they will be spoiled for choice in the domestic Australian market.

There are local providers who will cover most of the essentials and market themselves as a one-stop shop for all of your home hot water concerns.

Yet it is Rheem hot water systems that continue to be the leading provider for Australian households.

Founded in California in 1925 from humble beginnings, the company would earn a foothold on Australian shores in 1936 before crafting hot water systems domestically in 1939.

That manufacturing history might count for little for 2018 consumers, but it does offer context for how Rheem has valued this market for 82 years and counting.

The criteria that customers now judge their hot water brands center around a handful of key components: energy efficiency, cost, variety of choice, installation and maintenance expertise, and a warranty guarantee.

Here we will examine these points in greater detail to illustrate the consumer benefits inherent with Rheem manufacturing products.


Energy Efficient Products

One of the key reasons why Rheem hot water systems are considered to be the gold standard in this industry is their ability to offer quality without compromising on the all important energy efficiency benchmark. Given the mains pressure guarantee that is in-built with each and every Rheem water heater product, homeowners can access a flow of water that is consistently strong and always hot. Unlike instantaneous heaters that has to incorporate restrictions, Rheem works to have heated water ready to be serviced once the tap is accessed in real time.


Long-Term Cost Savings

Hot water system running costs and calculated according to a unique set of criteria and what is clear from the analysis is that Rheem hot water systems are as competitive as any other brand for a long-term investment. Whether it is based off the lower end of the scale for a 77 litre per day consumption for 1-2 people, 156 litres for 3-5 people or 230 litres for 6-8 inhabitants, household budgets are minimized with a model that caters to the daily demand.


Variety of Hot Water Models

When it comes to consumers seeking a range of choice, there is no brand comparable to Rheem hot water systems. From gas to electrical and solar products, there is no storage tank, continuous flow product or solar heater panel that cannot satisfy each individual client. This is in large part to the extensive history that the company has enjoyed since their inception, ensuring that innovation in the industry has been at the forefront of their business model.


Installation and Maintenance Expertise

Regularly customers who have long invested in Rheem hot water systems will be able to attest to the quality of the installation and maintenance that is on offer from this provider. Having a foothold in the market for decades, Rheem hires the best engineers and hot water experts in the industry to be on call when an outlet needs a scheduled or unscheduled visit. This facet is helped in large part by the widespread footprint across Australia, allowing maintenance staff to be available and on call when required by the community.


Warranty For Cover and Consumer Protection

Warranties can vary according to the product, but Rheem hot water systems are synonymous with providing long-term warranty covers for the sake of transparency and to protect the consumer. The 12-year warranty on offer for the stainless steel hot water system is one such example, allowing the household to enjoy the benefits without fear of failure or fault. This is the type of assurance that derives from a company that returns consumer loyalty with guarantees of their own, a precious commodity in the current commercial landscape.



Even setting aside the extensive and rich history that Rheem hot water systems have enjoyed on Australian shores, this is a brand that continues to evolve, innovate and care for the domestic market like few of their peers. Speak to your local Rheem hot water technician today to see what they can offer you.


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