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Blue Colored Busy Light

Why You Need a Busy Light at Your Desk

As a business owner, manager or employee, your success will often depend on how well you can manage your time and resources. With so many performance appraisals focusing on meeting productivity and efficiency benchmarks, you want to make sure that you remain focused when you’re at work. There’s nothing wrong with catching up with work friends on a Monday morning to reflect on the weekend, however, if this is constantly at the detriment of your work schedule, then something probably needs to change. Indeed, this change could be in the form of a busy light at your desk, which essentially informs your work mates that you are available or unavailable. So, if this scenario rings true with you, here are several reasons why you should definitely consider buying your own busy light.


Time management

Using a busy light to better help your time management is an obvious advantage. Sometimes you want to work but become distracted by colleagues taking their lunch break or just stopping by for a chat. However, you don’t want to make things awkward by having to tell someone you’re unavailable; you don’t mean to be rude, you simply just need to be working. With a busy light, however, your colleagues will see that you’re unavailable and leave you alone. This can be really useful if you’re working on something very important and can’t be distracted. Likewise, it can help you get work done more efficiently, saving you time!




Stronger network

One of the best ways of guaranteeing future business success is by adopting a customer centric approach. You need to be putting the customer’s wants and needs above everything else, ensuring that your business is putting itself in the best position to foster customer loyalty. Using a busy light can help build those client and supplier relationships, since you won’t be unavailable when they call or need you the most.

Imagine you’re on the phone with your firm’s more lucrative clients and you’re running a sales pitch over the phone. The only problem is you keep getting interrupted by other members of staff; some are asking questions, some are giving you more work, while others are just wasting your time. You return to the phone but the client has hung up, costing you the big sale. How do you solve this problem? Equip each of your employees with a busy light to prevent this scenario from ever occurring.



Adopting a customer-centric approach can have a wide array of advantages. One of the most obvious is the enhancement of business reputation. Ensuring that all your employees have a busy light means the customer is always put first. No distractions, no late calls, no missed client meetings or late submission of reports. Everything gets done on time. Indeed, many of the most successful global businesses and brands are consumer-focused, reflecting how important it is to meet the customer’s needs and wants.


Productive workplace environment

You can’t underestimate how important workplace culture is to a business. If you’re a business owner or manager, you simply can’t have a workplace culture where workers are fine with interrupting each other. You want to build a culture of respect, efficiency and ultimately, happiness. Workers need to feel comfortable in the working environment, while also respecting each other’s time and workload. Placing a busy light on every worker’s desk will help build a culture of consideration and dedication to work. Workers will feel like their work is valued and considered, while also cherishing their spare free time all the more. Keep your productivity and worker utility levels high with some handy desk signs.

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