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Why You Should Do a Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride

So you’re travelling to Sin City. You’ve probably got a long line-up of casinos planned, but have you thought about seeing the city from a different angle? As in, a birds-eye angle?

That’s right – you can now experience the best grand canyon helicopter ride. From the glowing Bellagio fountains to the luminous Luxor pyramid, the City of Lights is especially stunning when viewed from the sky.

As expected, the 15 minute chopper ride is as luxurious as the rest of the city. Before you embark you are given a bubbly glass of champagne, and upon boarding the vehicle you are surprised at how comfortable, clean and spacious it is.

The trip offers panoramic, awe-inspiring views of the city along with some exceptional photo opportunities. Your expert narrator will talk you through all the different sights, from Treasure Island to Planet Hollywood.

Some of the main reasons why you should see the city from a chopper are:

The Thrill

The chopper’s blades start to whirr, and before you know it you’re taking off. Your stomach drops as the ground falls away and the city skyline starts to show itself, and you realise that this is an experience you can only get from a grand canyon helicopter ride. Perfect for adrenaline junkies, this is a thrilling adventure with views that will make your jaw drop.

grand canyon


Impressive date idea

As long as your date doesn’t have a fear of heights, a grand canyon helicopter ride makes for a great start to a perfect night out. How many people can say that their date took them on a chopper ride in the City of Lights? Not many! The small number of people on board the aircraft combined with the incredible views makes for a stand-out romantic date.


Unique photography opportunities

If you or someone you know is a photographer or videographer, they won’t want to pass up the chance to get some shots of Sin City from up above. In an era where everything has been photographed thousands (even millions) of times, it has become vital for photographers to find a unique angle in order to get a stand-out shot. An aerial perspective provides the perfect opportunity to capture the city differently and capture memories that will last a lifetime.


No crowds

It’s a given that most people don’t like crowds. Guided trips and buses are typically jam-packed with sightseers and tourist hot-spots are bustling with activity. Give the crowds a pass by going up where there are none – in the sky! Your grand canyon helicopter ride will only have around 4-8 people present on it, which makes for a roomy and relaxing experience.


Stress-free experience

Trekking the city by foot can be fun and all, but sometimes we just want to sit back and let someone else do all the hard work for us. A grand canyon helicopter ride takes the hassle out of travelling and allows you to see the whole city without having to lift a finger! Let your pilot guide you as you relax into luxury and enjoy the journey.



The City of Lights is made all the more impressive by viewing it from in the air. There is no better way to experience the city of excess than by seeing it from above in one of the world’s most opulent choppers. Allow yourself to truly appreciate the scale of this man-made masterpiece with a grand canyon helicopter ride. It’s the perfect romantic date night, thrilling adventure and photography trip all in one.

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